"Mohammad Zaza’s   work   is  a  fascinating  journey  through a  universe  of constant metamorphosis and transformation. His images epitomize the flow of life: never ending change and  the  perpetual  creation of ever new  forms and shapes and points of view. 

He has found  his own very  unique aesthetic  language which  with he lures us  into his mysterious, puzzling and enchanting world. 

His art does what relevant art is supposed to do: it touches, moves and surprises, and          it makes you think."

(Gottfried Helnwein, Ireland, 2016).

Mohammad Zaza (1987).

In 2010 he has graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts at Aleppo University, remaining at the university as the painting teacher’s assistant until 2012. Since 2013, he has travelled across the countries of the Middle East, working and exhibiting his work at numerous exhibitions and international art fairs in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
He has been recognised as a neo-surrealist painter, whose shapes and figures unapologetically confront the viewer with profound dimensions of understanding and affection, reaching beyond a universal. 
Particularly interested in conveying the idea of movement on canvas, Zaza has boldly challenged the preconceptions of form and function in his works.

Between 2019 and 2020, Zaza launched his open working studio in Brussels, a vibrant environment, which hosted multiple cultural events, performances and exhibitions.
 The space and Zaza’s work were presented during Brussels Gallery Weekend, as an emerging spot of artistic exchange.

Besides painting on large-scale canvas, also works on illustrations and animations.
Currently, based and working in Lausanne, Switzerland.



Solo Exhibitions

2016 Every Change is a Revival - Hafez Gallery,  Jeddah

2016 The Earth is Blue like an Orange - Depo, Istanbul

2014 This is Not a Coincidence - Naila Art Gallery, Riyadh

2013 ZAZA - Naila Art Gallery, Riyadh

2012 Faces - Lam Gallery, Riyadh

2011 PINK - Kalimat Gallery, Aleppo

2010 Self-titled - Khan al-Adlieh, Aleppo

2009 Self-titled - Al-Assad Gallery, Aleppo

2009 Self-titled - Hall of People Gallery, Damascus

2008 Self-titled - Gallery Khanji, Aleppo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 MNWR - Mekan, Jeddah

2018 3 Directions - Mono Gallery, Riyadh

2016 Behind the Lines - Penticton Art Gallery, Canada

2016 Summertime Freshness - Liquid art System, Istanbul

2012 Group Exhibition - Lam Art Gallery, Riyadh 

Art Fairs

2019 Art Dubai - Hafez Gallery

2018 Accessible Art Fair Brussels - Self Represented

2018 Beirut Art Fair - Letitia Gallery

2017 Abu Dhabi Art - Hafez Gallery

2017 StArt Doha - Hafez Gallery

2017 Beirut Art Fair - Hafez Gallery

2016 Art Central Hong Kong - Hafez Gallery

2016 India Art Fair - Hafez Gallery

2016 Art Stage Singapore - Hafez Gallery

2015 Saatchi Start Art Fair London- Hafez Gallery

2015 Art15 London - Qode Agency


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