It is not a coincidence 
That you are right here, right now
All you see, touch, smell, taste 
makes complete sense.
Complete sense births feeling.
Feeling brings awareness.
Awareness allows presence.
Presence inspires connection.
In this here,
the dance between chance and synchronicity
is uncovered.
In this now,
sound has no origin
and space flows beyond time.
The veil between observer, artist, and performer is lifted.
You are a part of everything.
everything is a part of you.

-Will Kerr



Zaza has spent 2019 / 2020  working  in a  newly  found  studio  in  Brussels, 
in Sainte Cathrine square. An old ware house has been transformed by himself 
into a vibrant space of artistic  exchange  with  other  Brussels  based  artists, 
and a place of reconsideration of his practice as a painter.
His work has expanded from two dimensional canvas into spacious installations, 
which included objects constructed out of found materials and bare elements 
of an atelier, revealing the work space for the guests, both the artists and his audience.

It Is Not a Coincidence, a show hosted as a special event of Brussels Gallery Weekend 2020, presented his works 
from last years, painted in experienced proximities and distances to his original environments of the Middle East.
The show with strongly symbolical depictions from the artist’s imagery entered interacted with a musical 
performance of a well known Brussels based  perimental music group, The Echo Collective.
Zaza’s space has been since then traced by live camera surveillance system, as a curatorial proposition of registering 
the happening of the space. It also highlighted a declared future of the building, which soon is going to become
a space rented out to one of the big supermarket networks.




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